Netball Tournament Rules

It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure squad members are conversant with the Tournament Rules.

Section 1: Tournament Management

Name: Simon Jelowitz (Head of Sport Operations Emirates Airline Dubai 7s)

Address: The Sevens Stadium, c/o Emirates, PO Box 686, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 809 6605


1.1 The Head of Sport Operations is responsible for all sporting aspects of the Emirates Dubai 7s Youth Festival: Netball

1.2 The Tournament Manager will have all necessary authority and jurisdiction to make decisions on any matters arising during the Tournament including, but not limited to:

1.2.1 altering or amending the playing schedule as necessary

1.2.2 determining if there has been a breach of the Regulations and imposing an appropriate sanction (including disqualification of any individual, Player or Team);

1.2.3 maintaining, and being responsible for, a confidential Tournament Manager Log Book (if appropriate);

1.2.4 upholding and enforcing the decision of any Medical Advisor including, but not limited to, the Tournament Medic or the Tournament Physiotherapist, regarding the participation of a Player;

1.2.5 Instances of unsportsmanlike behaviour or behaviour that brings the sport into disrepute, including instances of Teams predetermining, or attempting to predetermine, the outcome of a Match and / or Tournament Round;

1.2.6 Determine the score should any Match not be concluded due to any unforeseen circumstance;

1.2.7 Altering the length of the Matches as set out below;

1.2.8 Any matter not covered specifically within the Regulations.

1.3 Tournament Manager may call upon, or delegate to, additional persons to assist with the Tournament or consult with other persons prior to making any decision. However the final decision and accountability for the decision will rest with the Tournament Manager.

Note: It is the sole responsibility of each Team Manager to ensure team members and team personnel are conversant with the Tournament Rules

Section 2: Tournament Sections

2.1 The Tournament shall be known as the Emirates Dubai 7s Youth Festival: Netball

Section 3: Tournament Management and Administration

3.1 Team Entry and Eligibility

3.1.1 Participation in the Tournament for any Team shall be determined by the Organising Committee

3.1.2 By entering a Team in the Tournament, the Teams agree that: a) they are able and willing to fulfil the costs and commitments of participation in the Tournament; b) they will fulfil their obligations and responsibilities set out in the Regulations; c) they are bound by the Tournament Regulations; and d) they are bound by all of the rules, policies, regulations and by-laws of the International Netball Federation

3.1.3 It is the responsibility of each Participating Team including all players to be conversant with these Tournament Rules and to ensure that all members of the Squad meet the Eligibility criteria for their Tournament of choice. Where teams are found to be ineligible, the Tournament Disputes Committee will preside and may sanction said Team in terms of their Tournament points, position in the Pool and / or participation in the current or future Tournaments.

3.6 Registration of Squads

3.6.1 Participating Teams must complete a Squad Registration Sheet for each participating Squad. Each Team may declare up to ten (10) Players on the Registration Sheet, from which a starting 7 will be selected.

3.6.2 A Player may only play in one (1) Age Group, and that will be the Age Group for which she is first named on the Registration Sheet, throughout all the Tournament Rounds.

3.6.3 Teams may only be selected from those Players whose names appear on the Squad Registration Sheet held by the Tournament Manager.

3.7 Tournament Venues

3.5.1 The Netball Tournament Manager is responsible for all arrangements with the venue.

3.5.2 Matches will be played on The Sevens Stadium’s four netball courts.

3.5.3 It is the sole responsibility of the Netball Tournament Manager to conduct a risk assessment in relation to the venue

3.5.4 The Netball Tournament Manager will be responsible for informing all Players, Umpires,Teams, Officials, Coaches and Team Officials of the provision of first aid cover available and any requirements for Teams within this and procedures in place in respect of first aid cover

Section 4: Tournament Rules

4.1 Match Rules and Format

4.1.1 All Matches shall be played in accordance with the International Netball Federation Rules of Netball (2020) currently in force at the time of the relevant Match, except where specifically stated in these regulations.

4.2 Match Officials

4.2.1 A Tournament Match Official Manager will be appointed to appoint, schedule oversee and appoint Tournament Match and Technical Officials. The Match Official Manager shall consult with and report to the Netball Tournament Manager on all such aspects.

4.3 Team Officials

4.3.1 The Team Officials are the Coach and Team Manager

4.3.2 The Team Officials and up to three (3) Players, not on court shall constitute the Team Bench.

4.3.3 The Team Bench will be situated in the area at the Team’s defending end at the start of the Match to the right of the netball posts. The Team Bench does not change ends at half time.

4.3.4 The Team Officials and Players on the Team Bench may not move up and down the side lines or along the goal lines outside the court during play.

4.3.5 Coaching is only permitted from the Team Bench.

4.4 Kit and equipment

4.4.1 The Tournament will provide appropriate size five netballs, which will be retained between matches, by the Match Officials Team.

4.4.2 All Players must wear positional bibs and Teams must have a spare set in a different colour incase of a clash of colours.

4.4.3 In the event of a clash of colours, a toss of a coin between the two captains will decidewhich Team retains its original positional bib colours.

4.5 Match timings

4.5.1 It will be the responsibility of the Tournament Manager to provide a minimum of one (1) timekeeper, who will be responsible for timing all Matches centrally. The timekeeper should have a working knowledge of the International Netball Federation (2020) Rules.

4.5.2 Central timing, normally sounded by a hooter or whistle, will be used, but Matches will start and finish on the Umpire’s whistle. Matches will where possible last seven (7) minutes each way, with one (1) minute at half time and five (5) minutes between rounds.

4.5.3 Central timers will commence timing when the Match is started by the ’hooter’ or whistle.

4.5.4 The Central Timer will signal the end of each half (either by hooter or electronic Umpire device) to the Umpire, whose whistle shall end each half.

4.5.5 Play will be stopped when instructed by the Umpire who shall blow the whistle to stop play. To restart play the Umpire shall signal and blow the whistle for play to be resumed.

4.5.6 The hooter or whistle will sound at the beginning and end of an interval.

4.5.7 A two (2) minute warning will be given before the first Match is due to commence and then thirty (30) seconds prior to the start of each subsequent Match.

4.5.8 Team Officials must ensure that: a) Before the start of each Match the Captains have tossedfor centre pass and colour clash where required; b) All Teams are on court, in position and ready to play, at the scheduled time in accordance with the playing schedule and the central timer; c) No Team starts a Match with less than five (5) Players.

4.5.9 Any Team not on court as detailed in accordance with Clause 4.5.8 a) to c) above will concedethe Match. Zero (0) points will be awarded to the Team conceding the Match and match points for awin (5) will be awarded to the Team on court, in position and ready to play at the correct time.

4.5.10 The Umpires must record on the Score Card the name and arrival time of the Team that arrived late.

4.6 Substitutes and Team Changes

4.6.1 During the half time interval, substitutions / Team changes may be made by both Teams providing they take place immediately. The opposing Team captain must be given adequate time to effect a substitute, if she so wishes.

4.6.2 During a game, only injured or ill Players may be substituted due to the short games. No other changes can be made at this time by either side.

4.6.3 No extra time will be allowed for injury or illness.

4.6.4 There is a two week period between Round 1 and Round 2 of the Youth Sport Festival. To allow for player availability or injuries that may be sustained during that period, teams may make three changes to their initial, submitted squad, where necessary.

4.6.5 Teams that progress to play in a Youth Sport Festival Final at the Emirates Dubai 7s may pick their squad from any of the players that played, for that team, in either Round 1, Round 2, or in both Round 1 and Round 2. Where a team, for example, has used 13 players over the two rounds, they make pick a squad of 10 from those, and only those, 13 players.

4.8 Scoring

Cup and Plate Competitions

From the outset, teams are seeded 1 to 8 based on the results from the previous year’s tournament. Teams seeded 1-4 will play in a Cup Competition, 5-8 in a Plate Competition

4.8.1 The Tournament results tables will be compiled on the basis of the points awarded to each Team.

4.8.2 Teams will be awarded league points as follows:

  • Five (5) points for a win;
  • Three (3) points for a draw;
  • One (1) point for a loss
  • Zero (0) points for a no show.

A) In the case of two teams with equal tournament points after all Cup or Plate games are complete, then the team with a higher point’s difference will be ranked in the higher position. In the event that the tie remains unsolved then;

B) Where the point’s difference is the same between two parties, then the team with more points scored will be ranked in the higher position. In the event that the tie remains unsolved then;

C) Where this is the same number of points between teams, then a coin will be tossed between two team captains to determine who will be ranked in the higher position.

Finals Matches

4.8.4 In a Final, the following will apply if there is a draw at full time:

a) There will be extra time of two (2) minutes each way;

b) Teams change ends immediately after full time, the centre pass is taken by the team entitled to the next centre pass

c) The Teams will change over at half time without a break;

d) In the event of a draw after the full period of extra time, play will continue without a break, until the next goal is scored.

4.9   Registration of Results

4.9.1 Score Cards must be checked and signed by both Captains. Once the official Score Cards have been signed no dispute can be logged, unless it is marked ‘Under Protest’ Section If there is disagreement in relation to the final score, the procedure outlined in Section 6 (Tournament Complaints Procedure) should be followed.

4.9.2 In the event that Court Runners are not provided, it is the responsibility of the winning Team Captain or Team Manager to take both Score Cards to the Recorder’s table after they have been signed by Team Captains.

4.9.3 In the event of a draw, the Team Captain or Team Official of each Team will take responsibility for taking a Score Card to the Recorder’s table.

4.11 Forfeit, No Show or Disqualification

4.11.1 If a team does not show up, refuses to play or forfeits a match prior to its commencement without the prior consent of the Tournament Manager or their delegate, that team will ‘lose’ the match (0 Tournament Points). The Tournament Manager will decide upon the further participation of that team in the tournament. Games will be considered forfeited if a team fails to appear at the appointed court, ready to play, within two (2) minutes of the published start time.

4.11.2 Teams who ‘no-show’ may not be invited to participate in future tournaments.

4.11.3 If a match is forfeited, a team fails to show up for a match or a team is disqualified by an Umpire or a Tournament Official, Tournament points (5) will be awarded to the Team willing to play and a 15-10 score, thus a +5 points goal difference will be awarded,

In the event that after the Round Robin phase, two teams are equal on Tournament points and one of those teams won one or more matches by forfeit, this will be taken into account and the match between the other team equal on points and the forfeited team will not be takeninto consideration.

Their Tournament points and Goals for and against for that match will also be withdrawn. Thiswill ensure that both teams’ matches against all other sides are considered.

4.13 Declaration of Squads, Teams and Replacements

Netball squads will consist of a maximum of ten (10) players. All ten (10) players are eligible to play in each match. Teams may use five substitutions throughout each match (see Section 5 Substitutions, Replacements and Stoppages). Teams must have a minimum of five (5) players on the court in order for a match to start.

Section 5: Substitutions, Replacements and Stoppages

5.1 All substitutions and replacements during a match, including but not limited to blood replacements, shall be made in accordance with International Netball Federation rules, however, time will not be held for stoppages due to injury, illness or blood.

5.2 Teams may use all ten (10) players during a game.

5.3 For any injuries or illness, time will not be stopped UNLESS it is determined by the Umpire in consultation with the medical team that the injury is serious enough to require the game to stop for safety reasons. The Umpire, at his / her discretion, may call the game off early to maintain the safety of participants.

5.4 The Tournament accepts no liability for injuries sustained during the course of the tournament.

Section 6: Social Media

6.1 Teams participating in the Tournament are required to comply with the Social Media guidelines which are available upon request or by visiting:

Section 7: Data Protection

7.1 Personal information provided by teams and their representatives will be collected, used and disclosed for tournament related purposes in accordance with the Participant Privacy Policy

7.2 Team managers are responsible for informing team members of any personal information that is shared with the tournament organisers and the Participant Privacy Policy.

7.3 By signing the official tournament invitation and the squad sheet the team manager, team officials and players accept the terms itemised above.

7.4 Squad members irrevocably and unconditionally (i) consent without compensation to the recording of his / her voice, image and likeness captured by any means (including without limitation, audio, visual and audio-visual recordings by televisions / cameras / telephones / mobile devices and / or photographers) while present at or about the Tournament venue; (ii) agree to the free of charge transmission and use in perpetuity by the Organiser and the Tournament sponsors and any licensee or assignee of the Organiser of his / her voice, image and likeness captured whilst present at or about the Tournament venue, by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast, transmission or other dissemination or recording, photographs or any other current and or / future media technologies to the fullest extent possible; and (iii) waives, on an irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual basis, all moral rights in and to any recordings of sound made or images taken within the Tournament venue. Squad member’s own photographs or any other recordings of sound made or images taken in or around the Tournament venue may be used for personal, private, non-commercial and non- promotional purposes only.